Requirements by Print Method

Screen or Flexo printed items

All jobs require vector artwork.

  • Raster artwork is only acceptable for photographs and similar style artwork.
  • If raster artwork is the only art available, contact customer service: +1 (607) 756-7411

Digital (full-color) items

All jobs require vector or raster artwork.

  • Vector artwork is preferred.
  • If raster artwork is the only art available, 600dpi is requested for best results.

Software and/or File Format


  • .ai Illustrator (vector artwork)
  • .psd Photoshop (raster artwork)
  • .indd InDesign


  • .jpg (JPEG, Joint Photographic Experts Group)
  • .png (PNG, Portable Network Graphics)
  • .bmp (Bitmap)
  • .gif (GIF, Graphic Interchange Format)
  • .pdf (un-flattened and not rasterized, fonts must be converted)
  • .tif (if raster is acceptable, see left)

Vector Artwork ExampleVector artwork is an image created of points and paths. This artwork is editable, scalable, and able to be separated for spot color reproduction.

Raster Artwork ExampleRaster artwork is an image created of many pixels. This artwork is not editable, scalable, or able to be separated for spot color reproduction.

Submitting Artwork

Preferred Email and/or Website, CD-R/RW

  1. Include a jpeg or pdf for reference.
  2. Convert all fonts to paths/outlines.
  3. Include or embed all placed images.
  4. Submit artwork at actual size.
  5. Identify all spot colors.
  6. Allow for bleed if necessary.
  7. Submit the original file if possible.
  8. Never flatten/merge the layers of a .psd.
  9. Indicate the cut/die line clearly.
  10. Verify art meets all Artwork Guidelines.

Cut Margins, Bleeds, Fonts

Cut Margin is the minimum space required between elements of art and the finished edge of the product. Size and product are the two main factors that determine cut margin. Note that bleed borders must meet or exceed our minimum cut margin.

Bleed is the distance the ink extends past the finished edge of the product before final cutting. Standard minimum bleed is 1/8" (.125"). Raster files must allow for the required bleed when submitted because they are not editable like vector files.

Converted text is vector artwork and as such can no longer be spell-checked. However, it does not require fonts in order to be displayed or printed correctly.

Live text is still in a text format in the artwork's original program and can still be spell-checked and corrected. Live text requires the fonts used in order to be displayed and printed correctly.

Minimum Font Sizes: Positive: Reverse:
San Serif in All Caps 4 pt. bold 6 pt. bold
Serif in All Caps 6-8 pt. bold 10-12 pt. bold

*Excludeing Flat Bed UV Printer.

Letter Visibility Chart

Maximum Readable Distance Readible Distance for Maximum Impact Letter Height
100 feet 30 feet 3 inches
150 feet 40 feet 4 inches
200 feet 60 feet 6 inches
350 feet 80 feet 8 inches
400 feet 90 feet 9 inches
450 feet 100 feet 10 inches
525 feet 120 feet 12 inches
630 feet 150 feet 15 inches
750 feet 180 feet 18 inches
1000 feet 240 feet 24 inches
1250 feet 300 feet 30 inches
1500 feet 360 feet 36 inches
1750 feet 420 feet 42 inches
2000 feet 480 feet 48 inches
2250 feet 540 feet 54 inches
2500 feet 600 feet 60 inches

Opacity and Contrast when using White Ink on Clear Materials

Clear materials often require white to maintain color integrity. Three options are typically used depending on the art and text elements.

Flooding the background white
Flooding coats the entire decal with white and, except on rare occasions, it should be done with face application clear decals only.

Applying a white halo to the elements
Elements with a halo are backed for opacity and have white extending slightly beyond the art creating a "halo" effect. It is best used to increase contrast against dark backgrounds.

Backing up elements or text
If the text or elements are thick enough, the white can be printed behind the text or elements only. While adding opacity, white would be unseen from the front of the decal.

Alphanumeric Numbering, Variable Data, Barcodes

Alphanumeric Numbering is available with letters for use as prefixes and suffixes. Example: "A123", "123 RED LOT"

Variable Data is available for copy such as phone numbers and locations. Submit a spreadsheet containing the data.

Barcode ExampleBarcodes are available as constant, variable, or consecutive, in Code 39. Barcodes with variable numbers will require a spreadsheet. Chrome and reflective materials will interfere with code readers. White is required behind barcodes and QR type codes.

Email Orders or Quote Requests

Please include the following information when sending email:

  1. Your name and contact information
  2. Company name, address, and telephone numbers
  3. Note whether request is for a quote or an order
  4. Material
  5. Item Number
  6. Size
  7. Quantity
  8. Colors, including names and numbers (i.e. #19 Fire Red)
  9. Note whether art is to be positive or reverse

When your email order or quote is received, a system response will be emailed back. If you do not receive this confirmation within a period of one hour after sending the file, please resend the file. To assure we can accurately view your art, send a jpeg or pdf file along with your vector art. See Appendix A for additional art guidelines.


There will be no cancellation charges if the order is cancelled before the artwork is started. There will be a $47.00 (net) minimum charge if the order is cancelled after the art has been started but prior to production. An order cannot be cancelled if production has started.

Art Preparation

There are no art charges for orders with approved digital art or for factory art preparation of copy set in standard typestyles. If artwork requires rework, extensive typesetting or design add $48.00 (C) on the first order only. Contact your customer service representative for complete details. Additional charges may be required to complete the work. To create your own artwork, follow the complete guidelines found in Appendix A.

Copy/Color Changes

Copy or color changes may be used to combine lots for quantity savings. Add$38.00 (E) per each change. Copy andcolor changes can not be combined on the same order. Changes must be in multiples of the minimum quantity shown for the item ordered. If more than 5 color or copy changes are needed for your order, contact your customer service representative to review.


Numbering and barcodes are available on items other than those shown in the catalog. Call or write for pricing and styles. We do not guarantee that there will not be any missing numbers.

Non-Standard Quantities

Any order calling for quantities between standard catalog quantities will be priced at the lower quantity price. Example: An order of 800 will be priced at the 500 quantity price.


Due to the difficulty of manufacturing to exact quantity requirements, a shipment of 5% over or under the quantity ordered will constitute a complete order and will be billed accordingly.

Less Than Minimums

If your order requires a quantity that is less than what is found in the catalog, please call or write for pricing.

Political Orders

The client is responsible for including required funding declarations for political advertising. Each state has different laws regarding political advertising and appropriate copy must be supplied with your order.


Screens/Halftones of a color will require an additional charge of $30.00 (E). Both new and repeat orders are subject to halftone charges.

Production Times

Production times are approximate and are listed for each item on each catalog page. Specific ship dates must be confirmed with our Customer Service Department. If a proof is needed, production time will begin after the proof has been approved and returned. Additional or extended processes will increase standard production times.

Repeat Orders

Identify repeat orders with the previous order number and year it was produced. Orders are retained on file for two years. A sample may be needed and art charges may apply for orders more than two years old.

Rush Service

We will, for an additional charge, produce anorder in less than normal production time.Charges and availability vary depending oncurrent workload, item involved and complexity of art. We also offer several Kwik-Ship items.

Shipping Policies

Indicate your preferred shipping method. Ifno instructions are given, we will shipgroundfreightvia our standard carriers. If motorfreight shipments are required using standard40" x 48" pallets, there will be a skiddingcharge of $15.00 (net) for the necessary packing and banding. Orders requiring a larger pallet will incur a $70.00 (net) skidding charge. We ship all orders prepaid, unless requested otherwise.


An additional $7.00 (net) charge will be added to all C.O.D.’s to cover handling charges in addition to the C.O.D. charges assessed by the shipping company.

3rd Party Freight

Handling charges will be added to all orders requesting 3rd party freight billing.

Split Shipments

For a split shipment there will be an additional $6.00 (net) charge for each destination after the first.

F.O.B. Point

All prices are F.O.B. our plant in Kansas. We are not responsible for orders lost or damaged in transit.

Product Use

No items offered are designed or intended primarily for children 12 years of age or younger. We reserve the right to use all products in advertising, on displays and as samples unless otherwise clearly specified in writing at the time an order is placed. All registered trademarks and trademarks shown are the property of their respective holders.

#10 Primrose Yellow 102 255,255,0
#12 Medium Yellow 123 255,229,0
#13 Goldenrod 1235 255,178,0
#18 Pumpkin Orange 1585 255,128,0
#20 Brilliant Orange 172 255,89,0
#27 Pink 1895 251,192,216
#26 Rhodamine Red 214 240,2,127
#19 Fire Red 186 254,0,10
#17 Scarlet Red 7426 153,0,25
#31 Purple 269 86,0,125
#41 Sky Blue 7457 204,236,234
#42 Light Blue 2915 42,141,191
#21 Peacock Blue 300 9,85,158
#22 Ultra Blue 2756 13,27,111
#23 Navy 655 6,24,73
#98 Fluorescent Green 802 50,239,41
#51 Brilliant Green 7740 77,172,39
#39 Emerald Green 3415 0,136,55
#55 Pacific Teal 321 0,117,118
#52 Dark Green 7720 0,45,31
#63 Charcoal 405 68,66,54
#62 Medium Gray 423 145,143,144
#61 Gray Cool Gray #2 204,204,204
#46 Brown 476 57,0,0
#48 Beige 4685 239,211,180
#65 Metallic Gold 871 152,131,68
#35 Metallic Silver 877 153,153,153
#94 Fluorescent Yellow 803 242,255,28
#96 Fluorescent Orange 804 255,115,0
#90 Fluorescent Pink 806 255,13,137
#92 Fluorescent Red 805 255,37,7
Black Black 0,0,0

Other Standard Colors: Other standard colors not shown include White, Black, and some transparent colors.

Color Matching: Colors other than our standard choices will require a Color Match Charge. Please specify a Pantone Matching System (PMS) number for reference. Due to variations in ink formulations, subtle color changes can occur beyond our control. Therefore, perfect color matches cannot be guaranteed.

Base Material: The above inks are printed on a white base material. Printing colors on any other colored base material (including white matte paper when printing flexographically) will alter the color slightly and make matching impossible.

Flexography, Four Color Process and Digital Printing: The above samples are screen printed and should only be used as a reference when printing flexographically or via four color process (4CP) which is used when digitally printing. Flexographic inks will not match exactly and fluorescent and metallic colors will appear lighter and less vibrant. Digital or 4CP printing has limitations. Some colors and PMS numbers fall outside the achievable range. Fluorescent and metallic colors are not available in 4CP.

Fluorescent Inks:For contrast we recommend that fluorescent inks be used against black or one of our dark standard colors. Industry standards indicate that fluorescent inks (unlike other screen printed choices) will fade rapidly when exposed to direct sunlight. (Time varies by location and usage). Fluorescent inks are recommended for indoor or short-term outdoor usage only.

General Product Information

Materials, adhesives and printing processes are varied and designed to fit most general applications. In some cases, specific combinations of these elements are required to achieve optimal performance. The safest policy is to provide detailed information about the product's end use. This enables us to assist you in ordering the correct product for your project.

Pressure-Sensitive Materials

Standard vinyl products are offered in a range of light to permanent adhesives. Super-Tac products provide an immediate and permanent tack when applied. Ultra-Tac works especially well on powder-coated surfaces and certain types of plastics. The decals have a high initial tack and strong ultimate bond. For a decal that is completely removable and leaves no adhesive residue, a Removable decal is recommended. Clear, Chrome and other Polyester based materials are provided with permanent adhesive. These products do not shrink when exposed to high temperatures. Static is an indoor material that is pressuresensitive without the use of adhesives and is designed to stick to a smooth surface such as glass. The minimum recommended application temperature for pressure-sensitive materials is 50° F.


See "Use and Care" instructions included with outdoor magnet orders. When applying magnets to a vehicle, the area should be thoroughly cleaned and then dried. The magnet should be removed daily to clean and dry the product and underlying surface.

Plastic Products

Styrene is a rigid plastic with a smooth surface. It is most frequently used for membership cards or products not requiring long-term outdoor exposure.

Polyethylene products remain flexible during cold months and resist chipping and cracking at extreme temperatures.

Outdoor Poster Materials are poly-coated to be weather-resistant.

Corrugated signs are printed on approximately 3/16" thick corrugated plastic sheeting.

Recycling of Products and Post-Consumer ContentMaterials

Some of the products found in our catalog may be recycled. We have placed symbols with the appropriate codes on items throughout the catalog that are commonly recycled. Each community may have different recycling requirements and you should check with your local facility for more information. Some plastic items can be made from "Post-consumer content" recycled materials. Please call or write for pricing and availability. Earth friendly roll labels that have a face made from postconsumer content are found in the "Roll Labels" section of the catalog.

Roll Label Materials

Standard Roll Labels are offered in many different material choices. Each is offered with a general purpose permanent adhesive which has an application temperature of a minimum of 50° F. The adhesive is designed to stick to a wide variety of substrates. All of these materials are paper based and designed for indoor use.

Specialty Material Roll Labels are offered in your choice of the following materials each with unique applications.

  • White Gloss with Removable Adhesive is used when labels need long-term removability on a wide variety of surfaces. Because surfaces vary, samples should be requested to test your application.

  • White Gloss with Freezer Grade Adhesiveis used when the environment or product you are labeling is below 50° F. These labels have an application temperature down to -20° F.

  • White Gloss with Opaque Adhesive is used to cover up or hide something else. The permanent adhesive has a grey color and when combined with the white gloss face sheet is very effective at covering up even high contrast printing like black on white. Color matches can not be guaranteed on this material.

  • Brown Kraft Paper with Permanent Adhesive is used when a natural look of paper is desired. The unique color and texture of this unbleached material makes it a great choice for product labeling. Color matches can not be guaranteed on this material.


Screen printed products use ultraviolet inks for extended outdoor and indoor use. Metallic, fluorescent and color matched inks are available. Fluorescent inks are not fade resistant nor recommended for use with styrene based products.

Flexographic inks are for indoor usage only. The inks may change dramatically when printed on colored stocks or when trapping over other colors.

Digital products will create all colors out of 4-color process: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. Some colors and PMS numbers fall outside the achievable range.


We offer many stock shapes throughout the catalog to reduce costs to our customers. Charges in the catalog reflect the cost of dies that follow a general die shape and do not require intricate detail, sharp points or excessive bending. Example: Starbursts or tight cuts around text. Additional charges will be required for these circumstances. (See graphic below.)

Flexographic dies not found in the catalog require additional time and special quotes. Call or write for pricing.